What is VJ? Pursue the Hot VJ Career

VJ là gì? Theo đuổi nghề hot VJ

When we look at media jobs, we will see a position very briefly abbreviated VJ. The popularity of this position in society is not great, which is why many young people do not have enough up-to-date information when choosing a career. So, in today’s article, Uptalent strategist will share with the readers all the information on how to pursue a VJ career effectively.

1- What is VJ?
2- Functions and roles of the VJ
3- The job of VJ
4- Income level of the VJ profession
5- Possibility of developing a VJ career

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1- What is VJ?

VJ means Video Jockey in English – designating people specialized in the organization and hosting of musical programs on technological spaces such as television, radio, Internet… They are considered as presenters of musical programs but in a studio space, not a live performance. stage in an auditorium or outdoor stage.

2- Functions and roles of the VJ

2.1. Functions of VJs

2.1.1. Music show host

VJ will be the host, creating comfort for guests and everyone participating in the program. Thanks to the MC’s welcoming capacity, information is shared in detail but in a spirit of exchange and pleasure, without creating restraint or tension.

2.1.2. Content Creation

A music program will include many broadcast numbers, each issue should be new content but always based on the long-term direction of the program production team. This requires VJs to be regularly creative and come up with new stories, messages, production ideas…

2.1.3. Write program scripts

Even if a music program is produced in the studio, it cannot be spontaneous: everything must have a detailed step-by-step storyline. Even interactions, talking and laughing, shaking hands, asking for a glass of water… all need to be expressed and carried out according to the script. Only then can we guarantee the value of broadcast products and save investment resources.

What is VJ?

2.1.4. Program editor

After finishing the recording content, VJ will continue to coordinate with the editing team, adjustment team, effects team… to complete the broadcast video product. Make sure a complete video does not contain violations of customs or media laws, easily misunderstood words, or moments where sensitive clothing is accidentally exposed… that could affect the program or the guest.

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2.2. The role of the VJ

2.2.1. Connect guests and program content

As the key person controlling the implementation process, VJ will directly discuss, communicate and ask open-ended questions for guests to answer. VJs themselves must know how to control their emotions, while actively listening, responding or further exploiting information based on the sharing provided by guests.

2.2.2. Attract the audience to watch the program

Attractive jobs

A good VJ will need to know how to create an exciting and fun program rhythm, but not always be able to maintain a steady rhythm. Thus, the audience watching them will get bored easily, while the goal of music programs broadcast in the media is to reach the largest possible audience.

2.2.3. Flexibly create interactive environments

There is no need to sit in the studio all the time, nor do you need to interact only with guests. VJs may well suggest improving elements that support the content of the program, such as meeting in a garden space, walking around the courtyard during the interview, or connecting with the audience watching live over the phone.

2.2.4. Develop the program brand

Programs with large audiences and high views will attract many brands to choose to place advertisements. This is an effective way to help the program have a stable financial source for the entire crew, and VJ is an important factor in creating this.

The work of the VJ

3- The job of VJ

When assuming the role of professional VJ, the following tasks are essential:

3.1. Propose ideas for program content

Depending on the broadcast direction, VJ will proactively create ideas from which guests to invite, what content to exploit, how to discuss, study the context of the filming…

3.2. Agree the plan with the team

As for the work related to each team (such as the filming team, the secretarial team, the costume team…), everyone will participate in discussions, contribute ideas and agree on adjustments with the VJ . This is to ensure that the VJ will be someone who clearly understands the overall program content and implementation steps so that they can respond flexibly if necessary.

3.3. Continuously update your musical knowledge

There will be no schedule or pressure. To succeed in the program for which he is responsible, the VJ himself must proactively research and continuously update domestic and foreign musical knowledge and information in order to have the basis for enriching the content of the program.

3.4. Sensitively grasp pleasure trends

The content of each music program is well invested, but whether it effectively reaches listeners and viewers is another matter. As you delve into music trends, understanding the hidden emotional corners that audiences want to know about their favorite artists is something that needs to be tapped to be integrated into content.

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3.5. Transmit live content

VJ will appear directly in front of the camera, host and directly direct the program according to the agreed storyline. Questions to interact with guests are available but should be done naturally, like a conversation, creating comfort and lightness for the audience while enjoying the visual feast presented by the VJ.create.

3.6. Collaborate with the team to complete the video

The maximum length of a program is approximately 1.5 hours, but to complete the recording alone it could take a full day or several days if you are filming on location. Even though we have planned very meticulously, we can always work overtime. As a VJ, you’ll need to follow most steps in the production process, so you should be prepared to work overtime often.

VJ income

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4- Income level of the VJ profession

VJ’s earnings will be based on the following factors:

  • The space platform broadcasts the program

  • Location of the workspace

  • Previous experience as a VJ

  • VJ’s exceptional ability…

Based on the current average, a VJ without much experience will have an income of around 400-700 million VND/year, which equates to an average of around 35-65 million VND per month.

For VJs with a lot of experience, income will increase to 1.3 to 2.3 billion VND/year, or an average of 100 to 200 million VND per month. The salary is very high because it includes the commission rate that the program receives from advertising units.

5- Possibility of developing a VJ career

5.1. Development trend of the VJ profession

VJ is a dynamic, creative and stimulating profession, this nature is very suitable for young professionals who have good coordination between music, hearing and vision. In the ever-changing world of music, the hidden corners that can be exploited and developed into music television content are enormous.

Employers are always looking for something new and attractive, so the career opportunities available to employers for VJs are also increasing. Not only companies operating in the entertainment field, but also production companies and commercial companies are gradually building their own online media teams, in which VJ recruitment is always at the top.

the job of VJ

5.2. Recruitment standards are stricter

High income, fashionable work, high employment opportunities… attract more and more young people to the VJ profession. This also leads to high competition for applications, so even though it is quite a busy job with many tasks to implement, VJs should be aware of proactively studying and constantly updating update musical information to enrich their own knowledge.

For young people new to the profession, apart from the ability to speak fluently and respond flexibly to situations, appearance is also an important supporting factor. In addition, if the candidate has good foreign language skills, the possibility of entering high-level and easy-to-promote VJ positions will be expanded.

5.3. Build your own program

Once you are an experienced VJ and have successfully built your personal brand, you can completely create your own VJ channel. With the support of online technology and social media platforms such as Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook…, this problem is no longer difficult or too expensive.

Many VJs have chosen this method, partly to train and gain experience before applying to large-scale VJ recruitment companies, partly to prepare a base so that they do not rely heavily on the source. External recruitment can proactively develop your own program channel, do it yourself and coordinate according to your own ideas.

The VJ career information shared above by Uptalent strategist shows a “hot” and trending career opportunity. You can apply to a VJ recruitment agency or create your own program through online platforms, both creating cultural value for the company and increasing your income.

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