What qualifications help you become a supply chain manager?

Những thông tin nào giúp bạn trở thành giám đốc chuỗi cung ứng?

occupies a fairly strong position in human resources in the world. However, this is a relatively new human resources industry in Vietnam and has not yet been properly developed. To help you better understand this HR position, please refer to the article below shared by HR company HRchannels.

Supply Chain Manager Job Description

What is a supply chain manager in English?

Director of English supplies is Supply Chain Director (SCD). This is a human resources position associated with manufacturing company operations. The task of supply managers is to plan and operate three processes: raw materials, investment and product consumption.

The job of supply chain managers is to plan and manage sources of raw materials, sources of goods, production processes, purchases of products to be supplied to partners and provide services to customers.

In general, the job of supply chain managers is to manage supply and demand in the company’s system. Before being delivered to consumers, products will need to undergo supply chain intervention.

The role of supply chain manager increasingly important because activities in this area increasingly determine the success or failure of companies. Supply chain management is also a volatile job that requires staff to regularly cultivate their professional knowledge and improve their basic soft skills such as planning skills, strategic analysis skills, etc.

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What is the responsibility of a supply chain manager?

– The Supply Manager designs and adjusts production systems from materials to product shipments.

– Make adjustments, assign tasks and work performance to employees to ensure work productivity.

– Optimize supply chain inventory operations and document labor productivity.

Attractive jobs

– Select, evaluate and establish cooperative relationships with suppliers.

supply chain director

Where to find supply chain manager jobs?

Manufacturing sector

Candidates can participate in operations as procurement managers in food and beverage manufacturing facilities, electronics companies, pharmaceutical companies and construction materials manufacturing units.

Computer science

Information technology jobs allow procurement managers to find employment opportunities by entering into agreements with software developers, suppliers, and other parties.

Health sector

Healthcare is one of the largest and most developed workforce-intensive industries in the supply sector. This industry has a vast supply network that requires high-level human resources, possessing all the qualifications and leadership qualities.

Working in retail systems

THE supply director You can choose to work in chain stores, from grocery stores to department stores and FMCG chains. Managers prepare quotes for products when customers want to purchase in large quantities.

Logistics system

Currently, many businesses rely on third-party logistics services to support their customer service activities. Thus implementing the transportation of goods and their supply chain.

How to become a supply chain manager?

Implement supply chain management

To compete for a supply chain position with other candidates, candidates must have the appropriate qualifications for the position. Supply chain management experience is the most effective skill to help you streamline logistics and supply chain operations.

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Degrees in this field shape supply chain management professionals. They know how to maintain internal production operations, improve and stay competitive in the market.

Join classes Supply Chain Management Training helps candidates easily use tools and apply effective performance patterns. Learn about human resource planning (CRP), material resource planning (MRP), and master production planning (MPS).

Working in the supply chain management profession

Currently, many companies operate in the field of supply chain management with areas such as import, export, trade coordinators, etc. Senior candidates are often responsible for document processing and freight management. They will work with customs, distribution centers, suppliers and import-export companies. These are important skills at work supply chain management recruitment.

Develop the necessary skills

Supply management professionals must know how to develop, track schedules, and master the warehouse management systems and databases necessary for management. They need advertising applications to increase profitability, reduce costs and streamline processes across the business.

Supply Chain Manager

How to effectively manage supply chains

How to effectively manage supply chains At best, supply managers can focus on the end-to-end cycle of the supply chain or specialize in one area such as warehousing. Employers often select candidates with problem-solving and data statistics skills, thereby identifying new development opportunities.

Therefore, you should refer to previous personnel management methods to get the most effective supply chain management lessons.

I hope the above information has provided you with the necessary information about the position. supply chain director. Build the most accurate progress roadmap for yourself to achieve certain successes in the future.

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