What qualities do you need to work in the marketing sector?

Làm việc trong ngành marketing cần tố chất gì?

In a day, each person can access thousands of different advertising messages. This is why companies come to us marketing as an effective tool to help them gain an advantage in this fierce competition. At the same time, marketers must also possess special skills and qualities to be able to perform their assigned tasks well, as well as demonstrate more creativity to achieve optimal results.

In this article, Ms. Uptalent will help you better understand what marketing is and show you what qualities are needed to work in the marketing industry. Please follow!

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In Vietnamese, marketing is simply understood as marketing – an abbreviation of the phrase “market access”. This is a popular form that helps businesses connect with customers. Basically, marketing will include everything you need to do to attract customers, get them to pay attention to your business brand, and maintain relationships with them.

By implementing marketing, businesses can discover business opportunities and effectively exploit these opportunities. Marketing does not participate in sales but retains the function of attracting and retaining business customers. At the same time, it also helps businesses defeat their competitors.

A person who wants to succeed in marketing must have the following qualities:

Know how to build a personal brand and build relationships

To do good marketing, you must first be able to “market” yourself. This means you need to know how to stand out and how to promote your brand.

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Additionally, a marketer cannot lack a network of relationships. You need to know how to create different relationship groups for yourself. The more connections you make in different fields, the more helpful it will be for your career.

Passionate about business

To succeed in marketing, you must have a strong passion for business and a true desire to become rich. This will be the motivation to help you overcome the obstacles and challenges you encounter in your career.

Have creative thinking

Creative thinking is a quality that every marketer must possess. You must constantly come up with unique and new ideas to attract customers and stimulate their interest in your company’s products.

Good communication

Attractive jobs

Essentially, marketing is a form of activity that continually conveys messages through visual and verbal communication. Additionally, good communicators also have an easier time achieving career success.

Sensitive, persistent

The field of marketing is always moving and constantly evolving. It is therefore necessary to demonstrate insight to be able to follow market fluctuations.

In addition to drive and creativity, marketers also need perseverance to succeed. On the other hand, perseverance also helps you overcome the great pressures of this profession.


Another necessary quality of a marketer is to be confident. You must have confidence in yourself, know what you want, what you need and what you need to do. This doesn’t mean you think all your ideas or plans are good. Here, confidence means that you dare to overcome all challenges and obstacles to succeed.

I hope this article by Ms. Uptalent helped you understand what marketing is and know the qualities marketers need. If you intend to pursue a career in marketing or work in marketing, be sure to educate yourself in the qualities above so that you can succeed in this extremely interesting field with many development opportunities.

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