What skills are needed to become a department manager or head of department?

Trở thành trưởng phòng, quản lý bộ phận cần những kỹ năng nào?

In a block of economic activities, from employees to top managers, all require certain skills and qualifications, especially high positions in key roles require leadership skills, truly professional and methodical.

A professional management team is essential to the success of this business organization. So let become head of department or what skills should a department head have? Let’s join HRchannels to cite 06 essential skills required for managers in this article.

1. Management skills

The requirement for a good manager is the ability to best coordinate the work, tasks and activities of his department. To achieve this, managers must know how to skillfully and methodically combine their management skills to create energy and enthusiasm among their employees so that they work more effectively.

management skills

2. Communication skills

This skill requires sophistication and caution in every word and gesture. It is necessary that the position of head of department or department head has sufficient social experience to be able to use it appropriately for each specific case and topic.

Good communication skills will help managers work more easily and exchange information with employees more conveniently and efficiently.

This is the most important skill that every manager must not only possess, but also be good at.

3. Communication and motivation

After communication and management skills, a manager’s communication and motivation skills must be qualified because they are the premise of employee enthusiasm and enthusiasm to promote performance and work efficiency. highest possible.

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Effective communication skills are a way to help your employees receive information as quickly and concisely as possible, but not without an excess or lack of unnecessary information that affects work progress as well as accuracy. information. Create trust and psychological stability among employees.

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A manager who knows how to motivate effectively will help his employees have the most comfortable and enthusiastic working atmosphere, ensuring that progress and work efficiency are clearly improved.

Head of department, manager

4. Planning and strategic thinking

Having a vision and the ability to think outside the box is essential for young peoplethe senior management.

A talented manager will have a clear and precise strategic vision. Based on specific data and information, there is a basis for making operational decisions and guidelines for your organization and business. Of course there will be errors, but they are certainly well-founded and predictable, maybe not enough information or unexpected factors, etc.

5. Commercial Awareness

Identifying commercial issues will help managers quickly understand economic fluctuations and thus guide the development of businesses in the target market.

A manager demonstrates awareness of commercial issues by:

  • Be aware of the organization’s mission, tasks and goals.

  • Clearly understand the area in which the company operates

  • Master knowledge of political and economic issues affecting businesses

  • Clearly know the existing competitors in the market

This is an important skill that directly affects your decisions regarding the future activities of your business or management organization.

Skills required by department heads

6. Training skills

The ability to train people is one of the important factors, it affects every member operating in the organization. The more department heads and department managers have the skills to train and train new people, the more it will help companies and departments reduce the time it takes to get used to the job and go straight into business. Save training costs and the time and effort of managers and employees.

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Training skills can be considered as one of the bases for assessing the level of success of the leader and recruiting talents.

To quickly access management, department head and senior management positions, it is necessary to identify important skills from the start to gradually accumulate during the work process.

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