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In recent years, it has attracted the attention of many young people due to its excellent job opportunities and good income. So, is the interior design industry really living up to what people expect? Readers, please join Ms. Uptalent to explore the interior design industry: what to study, salary and job opportunities through the following article!

1- What is the interior decoration sector?
2- Which school offers training in interior design?
3- What is the interior design sector?
4- Popular Job Positions in the Interior Design Industry
5- What is the salary in interior design?
6- Necessary requirements to work in the interior design industry
7- Job Opportunities in the Interior Design Industry

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1- What is the interior decoration sector?

Interior design is the field of study that combines art and science to arrange and arrange objects in a space so that it is aesthetically pleasing and suits the needs and style of the person.

The interior design industry is not the same as interior decoration. In the interior design industry, designers must know how to construct and create attractive spaces through structures, color combinations and selection of objects and decorations.

Moreover, interior designers must also research and analyze users’ psychology, behavior, needs and tastes and combine them with professional knowledge to create beautiful and utility-friendly spaces.

Another important point when it comes to interior design is that the designer must maximize aesthetic elements to create unique features for the space.

2- Which school offers training in interior design?

Currently, many schools train interior design. Each school will have its own interior design training program and the benchmark scores are not the same. You should rely on your career orientation to choose a suitable school.

Below are some schools offering highly rated interior design training:

– Hanoi University of Architecture.

Attractive jobs

– University of Industrial Fine Arts (Hanoi).

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture.

– Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts.

– Da Nang University of Architecture.

– Yersin Dalat University.

– Van Lang University.

– Ton Duc Thang University.

– Hoa Sen University.

– Vietnamese American College.

Besides the schools above, there are many other universities and colleges that offer interior design training. In addition, you can also follow short-term interior design courses in centers such as:

– Interior design and 3D courses at the CBS center.

– Architectural drawing lessons at the IDC center.

– Interior architecture design course at the KENT school.

If you have good financial conditions, you can study interior design in countries with the best education systems in the world, such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia, Ireland and the New Zealand.

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Interior architecture

3- What is the interior design sector?

Interior design students will be equipped with a solid foundation of professional knowledge, the right professional mindset, creativity, aesthetics and other skills necessary to create designs that meet their needs. Meet everyone’s various living space needs.

Below are jobs interior design students can do:

– Interior design of civil, public, industrial construction projects, etc.

– Supervise the interior construction process on site.

– Design product packaging, participate in the process of building and developing the company’s brand.

– Design communication products for advertising campaigns, product launches and corporate communication activities.

– Participate in the film production process, including short films, cartoons and promotional videos.

– Participate in the production process and post-production design of films.

– Design digital images, sounds and other interactive designs.

– Design and publish digital publications.

– Presentation and design of digital data.

– Open an interior design business.

What is interior design?

4- Popular Job Positions in the Interior Design Industry

In Vietnam, the demand for interior design is increasing. However, quality human resources are not enough. Therefore, those who graduate in this field can find very good job opportunities.

Here are some very popular positions in the interior design industry that you can choose after graduating:

– Staff, specialist in interior decoration.

– Interior advisor.

– Supervision of interior works.

– Head of the interior design department.

– Doctoral student, lecturer in interior design.

– Work as an independent interior designer.

5- What is the salary in interior design?

New graduates specializing in interior design can receive a salary of 8-10 million/month. If you are proficient in foreign languages, you can find a job in a foreign company with a salary of 700-1000 USD/month. For management positions in the interior design industry, the salary will be between $2,000-$3,000/month.

It can be seen that salaries in the interior design industry are quite high and job opportunities are also stable. So it is not difficult to understand that this industry is becoming a destination for many young people who have the ability and love to create beautiful interior spaces.

Interior designer salary

6- Necessary requirements to work in the interior design industry

In addition to professional knowledge, to work in the interior design industry you also need to possess certain skills and qualities.

6.1- Skills

Interior designers must possess the following important skills:

+ Space planning and layout skills: An interior designer is responsible for coming up with specific space planning and layout ideas for users. They will need to harmoniously coordinate lighting elements, object placement, decorative items and other elements so that the space has appropriate and beautiful uses.

+ Communication and problem-solving skills: Interior designers will need to work with many different clients, architects, building contractors and suppliers of other products and services. Therefore, communication and problem-solving skills are something they must master in order to be able to work effectively with relevant parties and effectively handle problems that arise during the construction process.

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+ Project management skills: The interior construction drawing designer is also responsible for monitoring and supervising the construction process of interior elements. Therefore, you need project management skills to ensure construction progresses, minimizes associated risks, and ensures that interior features are implemented as per design.

+ Skills in using design software: This is a very important skill for interior designers. There are many different design software like Autocad, Sketchup, 3Ds max, Vray,… and you will need to spend a lot of time practicing to use these software fluently.

Interior design requirements

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6.2- Qualities

People working in the interior design industry must possess the following basic qualities:

+ Good aesthetic eye: This is a very important quality for people working in interior design. This can help them harmoniously coordinate colors and objects in a certain space.

+ Creativity and spirit of learning: This quality helps interior designers to always follow new trends and create new and unique designs.

+ Have passion: The interior design industry is very competitive. Additionally, the process of pursuing a career in this industry is also very arduous. Therefore, people who do not have enough passion for the interior design industry can hardly pursue and succeed in the industry.

+ Understand customer psychology: To design beautiful interior spaces tailored to users, professional expertise is not enough for interior designers. In fact, they will have to master many other factors and above all, they must understand the psychology of the customer.

+ Able to withstand work pressure: The competition in the interior design industry is very high as more and more people are looking for jobs in this industry. Therefore, you will definitely encounter a lot of pressure when working as an interior designer.

7- Job Opportunities in the Interior Design Industry

Economic and social development has improved everyone’s perspective on life. Today, users not only care about the sustainability of construction projects, but also look for artistic elements in the living space. This has opened up strong development opportunities for the interior design sector, with many diverse employment opportunities.

Another notable point is the rapid increase in apartment buildings in the country’s major cities. As more and more apartment complexes pop up, the demand for interior design is also growing rapidly and opening up job opportunities for interior designers.

Previously, architects were also responsible for interior design, but now this job belongs to interior designers. It’s about creating spaces of unique beauty and best suited to the needs of users.

Currently, there are many schools that train interior design, but human resources in this sector are still very scarce because the number of personnel meeting the professional and skill requirements of employers is still too low.

Therefore, job opportunities in the interior design industry are very plentiful and open to anyone who wants to join them. However, you will need to constantly cultivate and practice to improve your abilities and create your own unique design style in order to become a good interior designer.

Above is some information about the interior design industry that Ms. Uptalent wants to share with readers. I hope that through this article you will have a clear vision of the interior design industry: what to study, salary and job opportunities. Good luck!

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