What will be the trends in the IT sector in the next 5 years?

Xu hướng ngành IT 5 năm tới sẽ như thế nào?

has a rapid growth rate and continuous change. Therefore, updating and understanding new trends has become a major requirement for businesses and personnel operating in the sector.

Let’s join Ms. Uptalent to discover the trends in the IT industry in the next 5 years in order to become a leader and seize development opportunities through the following article!

1- Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2- Blockchain technology
3- Internet of Things (IoT)
4- Cloud technology
5- Advanced information security
6- Software development trends such as Agile and DevOps
7- Tips

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1- Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to experts, artificial intelligence will continue to explode in the coming years because it has the ability to quickly adapt to the growing needs of the economy.

By applying AI, businesses can improve their production processes, create better products and services, and much more.

Furthermore, another branch of artificial intelligence, Machine Learning (ML), is also experiencing very strong development. With the ability to work on self-improvement based on data samples or what is learned, ML can outperform humans and be applied in many fields.

To follow the development of artificial intelligence, you need to acquire skills in algorithms, data processing and optimization. This will help you easily handle complex issues in the IT sector in the most efficient manner.

2- Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology remains a trend that continues to grow strongly in the IT sector. In the future, it will become even stronger thanks to its ability to provide transparency and high security.

Users can use Blockchain to make transactions and exchange information easily, quickly and avoid relying on intermediary organizations or individuals.

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At the same time, Blockchain technology is also a big step forward for the IT industry in preventing counterfeiting and modification of information for malicious purposes. This helps users have more confidence in the content stored on that network.

Although there is still a lot of debate about the applicability and transparency of Blockchain, no one can deny the benefits that this technology can bring to users. According to forecasts, Blockchain will develop even more strongly in the years to come.

IT Industry Trends

3- Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT, also known as the “hyper-connected world,” is a trend synthesized from many different IT industry trends.

While technologies like Blockchain or Metaverse have some limitations when it comes to connectivity, IoT can easily connect everything through a network of smart sensors, devices, and infrastructure.

Among all technological trends, IoT is of great interest and is widely applied to many businesses. According to records, companies are still investing heavily in this technology, even though they have had to streamline their spending due to the economic downturn of 2023.

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Currently, many smart tools and applications are applied to every family’s gadgets, devices and workspaces. However, connectivity between them is still limited due to differences between platforms and operating systems. With the help of IoT, this problem will improve in the coming years.

Connecting devices can help improve people’s lives in many different ways. However, we also face more security risks. Because any device can become a point where bad guys can attack and take control of the entire system.

Therefore, the main requirement today for companies investing in IoT is to improve security in order to prevent attacks on the system.

If you are also interested in computer technology and IoT, make sure you have an understanding of information security, principles of AI, machine learning, Internet, hardware, automation, embedded systems and analysis. Analyze data along with equipment and design knowledge. .

4- Cloud technology

In the next 5 years, cloud technology will be one of the strong development trends in the IT sector. According to records, around 95% of digital-related jobs will be deployed through the cloud platform.

Areas where this technology can be applied include cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, big data and the retail sector.

Cloud computing technology will be very useful for companies developing AI and machine learning applications. This can help companies completely solve the problem of storage space for complex algorithms.

Additionally, Cloud technology also allows users to access information from anywhere and at any time through a single digital hub.

According to experts, it will be a pioneering technology in the IT field alongside AI, Metaverse, 5G and IoT technologies.

Future Trends in the IT Industry

5- Advanced information security

Problems related to information security are no longer new. However, with the emergence of a series of new security threats and risks, security technologies will continue to develop in the near future.

Bad actors never gave up the intention to breach information and illegally access data. They also constantly find ways to break down even the strictest security walls. In other words, information security will always be a worrying trend in the IT industry because hackers still exist.

The forecast also shows an increase in cybercrime and the need for cybersecurity experts. At the same time, the role of AI in combating security risks is also becoming increasingly important.

It can be said that technological advancements have made the need for data security even more important. Around 65% of the world’s population needs to protect the privacy of their personal data, and in the future, this will become a top priority for businesses.

Clear evidence of the changing information security needs in the IT sector is that the need to recruit cybersecurity experts has tripled compared to other positions in the IT sector.

Currently, we are waiting for data privacy legislation to come into force globally. At that time, privacy will be strengthened, government and commercial data will be strictly protected, and new technologies will have the opportunity to develop more widely.

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In the future, cybersecurity risk factors will become one of the important criteria for decisions on transactions and business cooperation. At the same time, security related jobs such as White Hat Hacker, Malware Analyst, Security Engineer, Head of Cyber ​​Security,… will have very good income.

6- Software development trends such as Agile and DevOps

Agile and DevOps are two software development methods that allow you to respond quickly to technical disruptions.

In particular, Agile mainly focuses on iteration and improvement, while DevOps focuses on communication, integration and interaction between IT experts.

Trends in the next 5 years will focus on using cloud tools and platforms to implement Agile processes. At the same time, companies also favor the combination of Agile and DevOps for large, complex projects that require high flexibility.

By combining Agile with DevOps, companies can be very effective in promoting collaboration and communication between different teams in a project or development process. From there, they can easily identify and best meet customer and market needs.

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7- Tips

To succeed in the IT sector, the first thing you need is passion, love for new technologies or curiosity about the digital world. Next, you will need to have skills that are important for this industry.

7.1- Passion for the IT industry

You should know that computer knowledge is quite dry and complicated. If you don’t have passion, it will be difficult for you to absorb knowledge about this industry. Not to mention you can easily give up halfway.

Additionally, passion also motivates you to constantly acquire new knowledge so as not to become obsolete or eliminated from the industry.

What’s more important is that you need to be genuinely passionate about computing, not just temporarily impressed by the applications it brings. Or maybe you’re drawn to hearing from many people that it’s a hot industry. If you study computer science just because it’s hot, you’ll probably drop out after just a few months.

7.2- Skills necessary to succeed in your computer science studies

When studying and working in the IT sector, the most important thing is the ability to solve problems. In fact, programming languages ​​or other knowledge are just tools that you can work with, whether or not you can do your job effectively depends on your ability to use the tools.

Additionally, you also need to be proficient in other skills such as coding, soft skills, and a deep understanding of technology. These factors will help you achieve success in your career in the IT sector.

New technology trends will continually emerge, but the 6 trends above are the most important. Most of these trends require very high levels of knowledge and insight from users. Therefore, you need to proactively participate in trainings so as not to miss the potential and insights they bring.

Hopefully, Ms. Uptalent’s sharing in this article about IT industry trends over the next 5 years has provided you with a lot of useful information. Good luck!

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