Which companies are recruiting production workshop managers?

Những doanh nghiệp nào đăng tuyển giám đốc phân xưởng sản xuất?

The production workshop manager is the person most responsible for the quality of finished products and the progress of production in the company system. This is the dream position for many candidates who want to develop their career in production management roles. To be able to navigate the right and fastest way, the first important step is to update the information on companies recruiting production workshop managers. To help candidates save time, HRchannels will summarize the detailed information you are looking for.

Request Recruitment of workshop directors There are many production companies today, but finding a suitable work environment with experience and expertise is not easy. Understanding the characteristics of the recruiter job will help candidates be better prepared

1. Type of company that needs to recruit a production workshop manager

Based on the criteria of finished products that companies supply to the market, they can be divided into 02 groups of companies which must recruit production workshop managers.

1.1. Businesses that produce tangible goods

Production lines are directly linked to the creation of tangible products, which is why companies specializing in the production and processing of goods are those where the greatest demand for the position of production workshop manager is found.

More specifically, companies producing consumer goods, clothing, food, electrical appliances, machinery, spare parts…

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Almost every week, 02 to 03 companies post recruitment advertisements for this position on HRchannels, this shows the opportunity to find jobs for factory manager candidates in companies that produce tangible goods.

1.2. Companies providing online technology-related services

It is believed that only companies that produce goods need a production workshop manager. However, the reality is that service industries that provide intangible goods also need to recruit for this role.

Generally, companies provide communication, marketing, product promotion, etc. services to businesses. Here, the main job of the production workshop manager is to manage a specialized workshop team to create quality clips and videos to propagate the brand image among customers.

Attractive jobs

2. Large production scale

Regardless of the characteristics of the company’s products, all companies recruiting production workshop managers have common characteristics in terms of production scale. Normally, only medium and large companies with a production workforce of 50 or more people need to recruit for this position.

Large companies and multinational corporations are the appropriate search direction for candidates. The diversity of product ranges, the specific requirements of each order or even the level of complexity that makes up a product are factors that encourage companies to have a production workshop director.

This manager will be responsible for overall management at the macro level, operating and organizing the work plans for each workshop, ensuring close coordination between workshops while the foreman or workshop leader focuses only on specific production processes.

3. Meet diverse orders and high demands

Depending on the specifics of the company’s products, the organization of work in the workshops will be different, possibly

  • Each workshop is in charge of a product line

  • Each workshop is responsible for part of the product, and one workshop will connect the parts into a complete product

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Regardless of the task orientation, when the product is diverse and complex in structure or each order has special requirements, the position of production workshop manager will prevail.

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Thus, in addition to job offers on reputable recruitment channels such as Vietnamworks, Careerbuilder, HRchannels, etc., candidates can also directly follow recruitment news on the official sites of companies and large groups. This is the method that many candidates, even those working as factory managers, apply with the desire to challenge themselves in a more stimulating work environment and also have more benefits.

As part of the senior management group, companies recruiting production workshop managers are also veterans, strong in strength and financial ability, especially with a large-scale production system. Compared to the previous period, HRchannels realized that as the economy becomes more and more integrated and the level of competition increases, the need to recruit production workshop managers is also more obvious.

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