Which human resource management strategy at Viettel is worth learning?

Chiến lược quản lý nhân sự tại Viettel có gì đáng học tập?

Statistics from 2017 show that Viettel is a company that represents 60% of the total profits of public economic groups. The latest statistics show that Viettel has a relatively high number of employees, reaching almost 50,000 people. Therefore, by choosing HRM high level Working in this business is not easy and provides businesses with many valuable lessons.

Value professional qualities and skills more than qualifications

A person without professional skills will find it difficult to work hard at their job. People with good qualities will often quickly find solutions adapted to their own development and that of their company. This qualification cannot fully reflect an individual’s abilities.

Therefore, it is not enough to put employees in positions that they do not like or that do not have sufficient skills based on their qualifications. If they don’t have the skills needed for the job, they can’t develop their abilities accurately. So the degree is only a small factor in the process. Recruitment of senior executives and human resources management at Viettel. At Viettel, all employees are respected and contribute to building the common home of the telecommunications group.


Experience using people who fit the company culture

Viettel CEO Nguyen Manh Hung applies the “Sun Wukong” philosophy in the recruitment process. Recruit people with the motto of collecting sand to find gold. Instead of selecting many candidates, out of 10 people, after 6 months, only 5 people will be selected. They are quality employees and ensure they are placed in the right people and positions. Unsuitable people will be quickly weeded out, allowing them to choose other, more suitable jobs.

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Criteria Recruitment of senior executives for Viettel, it is about looking for candidates adapted to the company culture, with a great work spirit, determined to get the job done,… and at the same time consistent with Viettel’s life values, …Right people Cooperation will make it easier to do better work and come together.

Applying proper candidate screening helps companies adapt jobs easily and quickly. The right people will help build strong, sustainable businesses.

CEO Nguyen Manh Hung said applicants went through process Recruitment of senior executives By joining Viettel, they will follow 2 basic training courses. Training on the history, culture and regulations of the company. The remainder of the training is one month of military training. The training truly guarantees the necessary requirements for a real soldier.

Rotate staff in line with business strategy

Attractive jobs

Business strategy at each stage, if there are changes at each stage, it is necessary to rotate personnel. This rotation is both a way to train and discover human resources in management and a way to find management candidates for suitable positions. Senior management turnover is also The art of high-level human resource management Helps to discover individual abilities.

In addition, in interpersonal relationships in business, management rotation is a way to strengthen relationships. Relationships are expressed within departments, between individuals, from companies to units.

At Viettel, rotation represents the work culture. Through the process Recruitment of senior executives Through reputable websites and employee rotation, we will discover and help the most experienced employees become important leaders of the company.

If companies don’t create opportunities for everyone, it will be difficult for everyone to fully express their abilities. Go into business HRM We must pay attention to the environment for employees to develop their capabilities.

Leaders lead by example in business development

At Viettel, managers are trained 3 in one, including: experts, managers and operators. HAS HRM Professionally, Viettel selects CEOs who have direction, feedback, train candidates and know how to resolve difficulties when necessary.

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Leaders will define strategic plans and organize operations to implement this strategy. At the same time, detect and recruit staff via high-level staff recruitment sites credit and organize human resources for effective implementation. Strategy and implementation will determine the success or failure of the business.

Idea promoters are always the people best suited to bring their ideas to fruition. Increasingly drastic changes in the business environment require competent leaders who can quickly adjust their strategies. This is why the managers of Viettel really The art of high-level human resource management deep, closely following business practices.

vietel group

Daily activities

The business environment is changing rapidly, only regular executives can notice the slightest changes. Operations management helps individuals easily navigate changes in their policies and strategies.

Viettel still focuses on work Recruitment of senior executives, find a replacement. To ensure sustainable development, an organization needs a team of quality employees. At Viettel, the generation of leaders must often find new factors and train them so that in the next 3 to 5 years, new generations of leaders will replace them.

People HRM will often need to spend most of their time training the next generation of leaders to instill company values. The new generation ensures complete selection to help the next generation develop in accordance with the organization.

According to CEO Nguyen Manh Hung, Viettel currently assigns tasks to managers on a monthly basis and evaluates the results every month. Managers at all levels typically manage no more than 20 subordinates. The assignment of tasks as well as their evaluation in numbers of 20 will allow for better supervision.

Viettel, with its extremely unique strategies of utilizing people, has contributed to the overall development of the company. It is also a lesson on senior human resources management strategy Businesses can apply for applications tailored to their business.

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