Who is responsible for the supply chain? What is the job of the Supply Manager?

Supply Chain Manager là ai? Công việc của Trưởng phòng chuỗi cung ứng

Supply Chain Manager is one of the important management positions that many people choose as their career goal. SO ? What is the job description of a Supply Chain Manager? Please follow the following HRchannels article!

Supply Chain Manager, there?
Supply Chain Manager Job Description
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Supply Chain Manager is also known as Supply Chain Manager. This is the position responsible for managing and overseeing all activities to obtain a complete product and bring that product to market. This process begins from the purchase of raw materials to the manufacturing and provision of the products to consumers.

During this process, Supply Chain Manager is responsible for operating and managing the supply of raw materials, production, transportation, storage and distribution of products to the market. Supply chain managers have the role of ensuring that the products produced meet quality standards and are delivered to consumers in the best conditions.

The position of Supply Chain Manager is very important for companies. This is a position sought after by companies operating in many different fields, such as: manufacturing companies, retailers, transport companies, logistics service companies,…

What is a supply chain manager?

Job description of Supply Chain Manager – Head of the supply chain department

In the role of supply chain manager, Supply Chain Managers often perform the following specific tasks:

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1- Make a goods purchasing plan

Supply Chain Manager will analyze and synthesize market demand as well as the company’s production and business needs, to determine the optimal quantity and type of goods to purchase.

After that, the Supply Chain Manager will create a specific purchasing plan to deploy the purchase of goods and products necessary for the production and business needs of the company. Developing a purchasing plan will ensure that the purchasing process runs smoothly and efficiently. Companies will have the necessary quantity of the best quality products and the greatest number of cost savings.

2- Determine and manage the purchasing budget

The responsibility of a Supply Chain Manager is to calculate and determine the purchasing budget needed for each stage of the business. Determining the purchasing budget early on will help businesses proactively prepare financial resources and plan to use financial resources most efficiently.

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3- Research and create a list of potential suppliers

Supply Chain Manager is responsible for finding the most suitable potential suppliers for the company. They will need to contact many different suppliers and create a supplier list. Then conduct a vendor capacity assessment. Then they will choose the most suitable supplier and negotiate a contract with the supplier.

Additionally, the supply chain manager should also compile a list of potential suppliers to ensure a stable and quality supply of goods for the company. Having a list of available suppliers will help businesses have more choices when they need to purchase goods.

4- Manage the import and export of goods

Managing the import and export of goods plays a very important role. Because by controlling the quantity of goods imported and exported, Supply Chain Manager can ensure that the quantity of goods necessary for the production and commercial activities of the company is respected. Strict control of the import and export process also ensures that the quantity of goods in the warehouse matches the documents and ensures that the quality and type of goods best meets the needs of the business.

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Proper management of the import and export process also helps Supply Chain Manager to detect problems quickly and take timely action. At the same time, it also helps the Supply Chain Manager to maximize the operational efficiency of the company.

5- Manage department activities

In the role of department head, the Supply Chain Manager is responsible for managing all department operations. They will have the highest responsibility for the efficiency of the work of the department.

The supply chain manager will assign work to employees in the department based on each person’s capabilities. Provide employees with timely instructions so they can do their best work. At the same time, Supply Chain Manager also regularly monitors, inspects, advises and evaluates the work efficiency of the department’s employees.

When complex issues arise in the department, the supply chain manager must quickly determine the cause and address it quickly, without affecting the overall business operations of the entire company.

Supply Chain Manager Salary

In a management position, the Supply Chain Manager easily receives a stable salary of $600 to $6,000 depending on experience.

supply chain manager salary
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Supply Chain Manager Job in Vietnam

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