With 50 million, what is the easiest trade in the countryside to make a profit?

With 50 million, what is the easiest trade in the countryside to make a profit?

How much capital do you think in rural areas to be able to start a business and get rich? Is 50 million enough for you to start a business? Many people will probably immediately reject the business idea when they only have 50 million. So please refer to the article below, Digi Viet will recommend for you to see What are 50 million doing in the countryside? Be efficient.

Entrepreneurship potential in rural areas

Until now, most people have thought about setting up a business in big cities, where there are more people and the quality of life is better. However, holding 50 million business investment in the city seems impossible. So why try to stay in this crowded and cramped city. You can bring 50 million back to your hometown, with that money in the countryside, there are many effective start-up ideas.

Today, rural areas are not the same as before, but they have great potential for development. People’s income has increased, so the demand for quality of life has also increased. It helps those who aspire to get rich and do business in the countryside to have more opportunities. You don’t have to worry if you own 50 million, you can do business in the countryside.

In addition, all goods, services and premises in rural areas are cheaper than in town. In addition, there will not be many tax worries and procedures in relation to opening a business in town. The human resources in the countryside are also abundant, and the cost is also cheaper than in the city. So with 50 million in the countryside you can still freely develop your business idea.

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Having a capital of 50 million euros, what is an effective business in the countryside?

Pesticide shops, pesticides

If you’re wondering what 50 million businesses do in the countryside, you might be interested in the trade in pesticides and pesticides. Because in Vietnam, especially in rural areas, the main economic activity is agriculture. Therefore, people’s demand for pesticides or fertilizers is extremely large.

With this business model, the amount of capital is not large, but when the crop is growing, you do not worry that there will be no customers. With this business model, it is advisable to open a store in a place where many people pass by and this place must also be close to agricultural culture.

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Sale of local specialties

Each region has its own specialties and today these specialties are also widely promoted and known by many people. If your hometown has these specialties and you’re also wondering what 50 million businesses do in the countryside, why not study this model.

If you develop a business with quality products, you can certainly sell to other localities. Moreover, these items will surely be very popular and you don’t have to worry about not having customers.

To successfully build your own brand, right from the start, you need to ensure the quality of the product. Then, if you want to promote more, you need to create an image for your brand, market your products on the fanpage, and then go to your website if you want your products to go further.

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Grow and sell clean agricultural products

In the countryside, there will certainly be advantages in terms of land and knowledge of cultivation and animal husbandry. So if you have 50 million, you can develop a model of planting and selling clean agricultural products. It is possible to build own vegetable gardens, or standard livestock and poultry farms to supply the market.

Perhaps you will initially supply the market in which you live and surrounding areas. Later, if we find a stable distributor, we can develop a model and build our own brand. Today, people care a lot about product quality, love clean products, so if there are clean agricultural products, you don’t have to worry about not being able to sell.

Sale of stationery

With 50 million but you don’t know what to do, you can open a stationery store. With this model, schools and offices are the best business locations you should pay attention to. With a small capital, you will have a stable income. This is a template to help you build a successful business in rural areas.

Open a small hair and shampoo salon

If you think about what 50 million businesses do in the countryside, you might consider opening a small hair and shampoo salon. With this capital you can remodel the store to be bright, buy equipment. With small shops, as long as you are skillful, the country sisters will visit a lot.

This person recommending the other person is also a very good form of advertising for your store. Above is the information that may suggest the problem to you. What should 50 million do in the countryside?.

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