Working style of management staff in large companies

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The advantage of working in large companies, large companies and multinationals is that you will evolve in a professional environment with many opportunities for evolution. In particular, working in multinational corporations will help you gain valuable experience and exposure to many cultures around the world. To meet the working environment in multinational companies, you need to have a suitable working style, especially in the role of a manager. management staff.

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Why is the working style and working style of management personnel important?

A manager’s behavior and behavior are part of managerial competence. Talented management personnel always have the demeanor, appearance and manner of acting that exudes the spirit of a leader.

Work style and working style of management personnel in multinational corporations

The biggest characteristic of multinational corporations is the multicultural working environment. In order to maximize leadership capability, management personnel must have a professional work style and effectively manage the cultural diversity of a multinational company.

1. Professional

A manager with a professional working style is manifested by the following:

1.1. Appropriate appearance and communication

As a manager, you will need to meet and communicate with many people both inside and outside the company. Therefore, you should pay attention to the dress style and hair accordingly. At the same time, it is necessary to have a sociable, friendly and cooperative attitude when communicating with different audiences.

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1.2. Stay up to date with trends affecting jobs and industries

Keeping abreast of development trends will help management staff set goals, plan and execute work more effectively. Pay attention to what is happening around you, listen and take notes on what you learn. It will help you to have more creative ideas at work and will be very useful for your work.

1.3. Constant learning of new knowledge and skills

Continuous learning is essential for any position. As a manager, you need to do this more often and more seriously if you don’t want to be left behind.

1.4. Follow the news, participate in the dialogue

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You should follow the daily news and participate in specialized conversations and sessions. Regular updates will help you succeed in the ever-changing landscape of industry and society.

1.5. Flexibility when managing jobs

Don’t be too rigid in the job handling process. Because goals and work plans are subject to change due to an unexpected cause.

1.6. Support colleagues and subordinates at work

One thing that will help boost your reputation is to do more than the job requires. This means that you must be ready to support your colleagues and subordinates in their work and always look for ways to do better.

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1.7. Clear career goals

In the competitive work environment and the pressure of multinational companies, if you don’t have clear goals, it is very difficult to succeed in your career. Moreover, with clear objectives, you can lead your subordinates to achieve the common objectives of the company.

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1.8. Honest

As a manager, you shouldn’t brag too much about your abilities. Because in multinationals, lies will soon be exposed in the work process. So stick to what you know.

2. Effectively manage the diversity of multinational companies

Employees of multinational corporations can come from a wide variety of cultures. So, as a manager, you need to quickly grasp the characteristics of cultures. Understanding the characteristics of cultures will help you easily integrate into a multicultural work environment, communicate effectively with colleagues, manage work, and manage employees effectively.

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You can shape the culture of your employees or partners through the following points:

The first is the symbol: expressed by dress, posture or religion.

Second, the model: each individual will have a model that he venerates. It could be a relative, friend, mentor, or someone famous in their culture.

The third is the language: you have to be careful of the dialects, jargon or slang of people from different cultures.

Fourth, customs and habits: these are rituals or the anniversary of a certain event. It can also include going to a religious place, attending a festival, or spending time with family and friends.

Finally, the core value: To build trust and effectively lead employees, managers must understand the value of people. Because core values ​​will shape the way an individual does things and determine whether a behavior is right or wrong.

Once you have succeeded in shaping the culture of your employees, it will be easier for you to talk to them. Thus, the work efficiency is also better.

Furthermore, you should also pay attention to creating equal opportunities regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender. Only then can you effectively exploit the cultural diversity of multinational companies.

In short, to succeed in positions management staff In a multinational, you have to know how to build the right work style and the right behavior. It will help you achieve your career goals and go further.

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