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The CV is the first contact between the candidate and the employer. Even though it is only the first step, CV screening is still an important first step to a successful application. The content presented in the CV is therefore very important for candidates. Above all, write in a safe manner while guaranteeing you a competitive advantage. Your wish is the mission that Ms. Uptalent’s take on this article.

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1- Write your advantages in your CV

The benefits of a CV seem to be easier to express and stimulate the brain to filter, search and fully exploit its own strengths. Because you know for sure that these will be good advantages for your path to winning over employers. However, the way of presenting and at what level is most appropriate does not weaken you nor make the employer uncomfortable when he thinks the candidate is too “cool”, this is exactly what what the candidate who seeks advice wants.

And here’s how to present your strengths in your CV:

There are benefits to a suitable CV position

After your work history content is the part that shows your advantages in your resume. Placed in this position, the employer will easily become aware of the nature of the work you have undertaken, and at the same time relate it to the tasks that the position imposes on him.

The benefits of the content should be mentioned

Exceptional professional skills

Refer to the recruitment newsletter to find out the important tasks you must accomplish at the highest level if you are accepted. Each task will tell you which soft skills or hard skills are actually needed.

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For example: Call center, customer service -> Communication skills

Regularly contact foreign partners -> Mastery of foreign languages

Attractive jobs

Companies always want to have more than what they expect, which is why candidates with more degrees, credits, practical experience… will be brilliant candidates in the eyes of employers. Therefore, don’t be afraid to talk more about your knowledge or how to proactively update your knowledge.

For example: I focus on the C++ programming language, so even though I have a lot of experience, I regularly update new knowledge on technology forums.

  • Other capabilities can bring success to the business

Many companies have a team that competes in football, volleyball, cycling, swimming… This is also how companies promote their brands to the public. You must refer to the employer’s website and add your talents to the benefits section.

Be careful when presenting your strengths in your CV

Strengths are your advantage, but if presented poorly in your resume, it can be counterproductive. Therefore, while presenting advantages does not have to be too stressful when choosing, candidates should note the following:

  • Select up to 04 most important benefits for the position you are applying for. These may be benefits that you recognize yourself or specific requirements that the employer clearly states in the recruiting requirements section.

  • Present briefly, at most each benefit is about 02 lines, because the employer still has hundreds of documents to approve, if they are too long, it will be wasteful if they are too long. Wait for the face-to-face interview, then introduce yourself freely.

  • Be modest when presenting benefits. Even if you are an exceptional talent, once you join the team, common interests must come first. Candidates who are, to put it simply, “too cool” will make employers doubt their ability to work collaboratively.

Be careful when presenting your strengths in your CV

2- Note your weaknesses in your CV

No one wants to “show” their weaknesses, but to win the employer’s first impression of a candidate who “knows people, knows me”, the candidate must show it. But don’t worry too much, because weaknesses are your weaknesses, but as long as they do not strongly affect the quality of your work, they will not prevent you from applying successfully.

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Ways to Present Weaknesses and Gaps in Your Resume

Specifically, regarding the content of their own weaknesses in their CV, candidates should refer to and apply the following useful presentation guidelines:

The position has weaknesses in the CV

Candidates should present briefly after the benefits section so that the employer can feel the balance in how the candidate perceives and evaluates himself. At the same time, it is easy to compare and see that these disadvantages have been overcome by a series of previous advantages.

Weak content in the CV

You should choose weaknesses that do not directly affect the job you are applying for or are related to the employer. For example:

  • Focuses a lot on work, pays little attention to health problems, and can only exercise on weekends.

  • Not sure about presenting yourself in front of a crowd, so you are currently taking the MC course at a youth culture house -> applicable when the position applied for only focuses on desks, documents, email exchanges. ..

How to write about your weaknesses in your CV?
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Be careful when expressing your weaknesses in your CV

  • The downside is that this is as far removed from the nature of the job as possible, because employers are not looking for employees who are perfect in every way, they are only looking for the most perfect employee for the job.

  • If you declare a weakness, you must include the methods and measures you take to get rid of this weakness. This shows that you are progressive, eager to learn and not afraid of difficulties.

To summarize, once you have presented the advantages and disadvantages in your CV, candidates should always remember the principle of only mentioning:

A CV full of advantages and reference values ​​in the eyes of the employer will be diminished compared to a CV full of advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, Ms. Uptalent encourages candidates Write your strengths and weaknesses in your CV complete. With the above sharing, we guarantee that your weaknesses will not cause you to lose points, but on the contrary, it shows that you are a mature person, clearly aware of your flaws and willing to improve and learn. This is what employers always want to find in new employees.

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